Working Papers

Portfolio Rebalancing Channel and the Effects of Large-Scale Stock and Bond Purchases, with Serdar Kabaca, R&R at the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

International Portfolio Balancing and Fiscal Policy Spillovers, with Uluc Aysun and Serdar Kabaca, R&R at the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.

Foreign Exchange Interventions: The Long and the Short of It, with Patrick Alexander and Serdar Kabaca, under review.

Business Cycle Implications of Firm Market Power in Labor and Product Markets, with Sarah Zubairy, under review.

The Cyclicality of Income Distribution and Innovation-Induced Growth, with Uluc Aysun, under review.

Market Power in Product and Labor Markets and Average Stock Returns, with Tanseli Savaser and Murat Tinic, mimeo.

Should Monetary Policy Lean Against Housing Market Booms?, with Alexander Ueberfeldt, mimeo.

Nominal GDP Targeting and Long Run Uncertainty, with Gino Cateau, mimeo.